05 Nov, 2016

Why is my site not showing up in the search engines?

This is the most common FAQ we are asked

There can be many reasons a web site doesn’t show up, or display well, in search engines results.
Any of the following can affect on your web sites search engine positioning, and web traffic.

You may not be using a search engine optimized web design.

Your site may not be readable by the engines.

May be missing information critical to properly index your webpage.

Use of some scripts can prevent search engine spiders or bots from crawling your web site or reading its content.

Hopefully your site has not been banned or penalized by the Search engine’s for some black hat trick.

Not been properly submitted.

Note – Repeated submissions to search engines will not help.
Never employ a service which automatically or manually submits your site to search engines more than once, this is unnecessary, and can be considered spam by some engines and major directories

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